Hey. I’m Fearless. I go by they/them. Tag me if you need anything.
Ab Aeterno Ad Infinitum, my title, is Latin for “From Eternity to Infinity” or “From Eternity, Infinity”. Kinda like a Phoenix.

You made it to my bio
Many of you may not know me, but to the ones that do, congratulations on knowing a really weird person. On to the credits:
• Normal Profile Pic drawn by @BlackSeal
• Spookified Profile Pic Drawn by @Ref
• Profile background drawn by @Grizzlyzoe
Thank you guys for the EPIC drawings!

As the sun rises, a new life begins. I am reborn in my volcanic nest, and enjoy the next 12 hours of my life. As the sun sets, I burst into flames, satisfied with what I have achieved today but hoping to do more tomorrow. Now in a new form, I leap away from my nest and enjoy the quiet hours of the night. I watch silently from the stars as the world carries on.
With the rising sun, I travel back to my nest, and am reborn once again.

I am Fearless. And I am a Phoenix.

Some accomplishments:
• Hopscotchin since Feb 22nd 2014 (at least)
• I’ve been on the Hopscotch app for 6+ years now (prob one of the oldest hsers?)
• Features: 32, on April 19th 2017, May 14th 2017, December 19th 2018, January 15th 2019, March 1st 2019, April 5th 2019, April 15th 2019, June 4th 2019, June 18th 2019, June 23rd 2019, July 13th 2019, August 12th 2019, August 13th 2019, August 16th 2019, August 28th 2019, September 19th 2019, September 27th 2019, October 31th 2019, November 19th 2019, March 27th 2020, April 3rd 2020, April 10th 2020, June 15th 2020, June 22nd 2020, June 25th 2020, July 8th 2020, July 9th 2020, July 14th 2020, August 4th 2020, August 5th 2020, September 4th 2020 and September 18th 2020. 7 before new categories, 25 after
• Helped my lil bro get Curated on May 1st 2020
• Nominations For Featured: 26, by @TheDrawer, @NindroidGames, @Kitty4U, @Dylan329, @MewtwoCreator, @Eddie, @tankt2016, @NinjaBearGames, @SilverStar, @FunDardo, @Nobody, @koletsgo, @TheDeliciousOrange, @Sage, @Bugsy345, @Shadow_Spider and @Pumpkingirl
• Most likes on my own project: 47 before Feature, 1100 after feature (currently), on the same project.
• Most likes in a remix: 87
• Fan accounts: 11
• Plants Received: 83
• E2020 First Place (Art)
• Like from awesomeonion (8/14/19)
• Shoutout in THT release notes (8/15/19)
• Got followed by THT (9/4/20)
• Remixed by THT (8/5/20, 9/4/20, 9/18/20)
• Featured in the Hopscotch Blog (9/16/20)
• HSF Starship Leader March 1st 2019 – May 4th 2020
• HSF Mod September 27th 2019 – October 29th 2019
• HSF Curator Since May 28th 2020
• Most Liked Forumer of All Time + First Forumer to get 150k+ Likes

@Leaders, both current and former, you guys are my ForumFam and I love all of you guys so much. Thank you all for everything.
@FearlessFriends thanks all of y’all for always sticking by me.

Stay Sic :v: