all you need is love

hi, i’m froggie. i’m weird and proud of it. i’m an awkward, self-conscious frog and i love music, musical theatre, and whatever the heck i’m into at the moment.

i’m on hopscotch and the forum to put a smile on your face and do what i love to do.

i cannot live without tea

have a nice day! <3

also a random FAQ page here because people ask me a lot of stuff lol

Q: are you a girl or a boy?

A: i’m a frog

Q: are you on hopscotch?

A: yeah, my username is -tree frog- (tfs) and i make games, code art, and whatever pops into my head to make. please check it out, i publish at least once a week!

Q: woah, you’ve been on the forum for so long!! how about the app?

A: uhh about 2 years and 8 months??

Q: how old are you

A: i’m 12