If you ever doubt how special you are,
Or wonder who loves you, how much and how far,
Breathe easy my friend for you are adored,
Respected and loved forever, and more.

Silvies Bday is Sept 9th

My bio: (crafted by the wonderful Versta)

Hello, I am RCC, or as most call me TDO. I’m super awesome and have a great sense of humor, but i’m also such an amazing friend. I love helping people (and being annoying) but after all i’m me. Oh and i’m always hungry, i never stop eating. I love K-pop, and my pronouns are he/him. Why are you still reading by the way?

I am not only a Multicolored half Dairy product half animal
I am now also an adjective and a mineral

Accordion to Petrichor, Anotheraccount, PinkCupcake8, and Nobody I am a sneaky orange

Pronouns: he/him

My personality type is apparently ESFP-T which is idk% of the population.
My Zodiac sign is Food and it represents me at all levels.
I am actually an Aries and I think it’s very suiting of my personality.
I know basic Spanish, and a conversational level Japanese
Gwe tastes delicious fried, but even better deep fried.
Have you ever said bye to someone, and then walked in the same direction as them?
The awkward moment when someone says “happy birthday!” And you say “you too”
According to SilverStar my name is RainbowCheeseChicken…
I have also been called Ousora.
Tankt has good organizational skills. I don’t.
If you give a TDO a cantaloupe he will throw it into the oblivion.
I am the proud owner of Fred the demonic yo-yo and George the nasty yo-yo.

Dietician: Versta
Music Artist: TWICE
Country: Japan
Pastry: Cinnamon Rolls
Color: Orange but a very specific shade
Season: Spring
Anime: Iwatobi Swim Club
Movie: Indecisive :man_shrugging:
Emoji: 🤦
Word: Flambé
Sausage: The vegan ones
Food: Indecisive
Class: Mathematics
Hobby: Art
Day of the week: Thursday
Flag design: :nepal:
Vaccination: Small Pox
Meat: Fish
Animal: Quail

tag list, ask to join!
(I love you guys so much)
@TheDeliciousOrange 타 데리시엇 오란스
@Rod O 롣
@SilverStar Versta 실벨 스타
@UnicornRainbow Ornra
@LEGENDARY-360-NINJA Egen 레겐다리360닌자
@Nobody Obo 노바디
@Eddie Di 에디
@Mindcool24 Indco 마인드쿠울
@William04GamerA Illia 의리암04감물애
@FearlessPhoenix Essphe 피알렛 피닉스
@Stylishpoopemoji33 Ishpo 스타일리슿푸웊에모지
@koletsgo Olet 코렛고
@Sage Edra 새겨
@AstrosUwU rosu 앗토럿 우위우
@tankt2016 Ank 탄크티
@PinkCupcake8 Inkcu 핑크 캎카이크
@Temmy Emmy 테미
@Dragongirl1264 gongi 드래곤 그린
@Ducks_Happy ucksha
@Ellatm lat 에이라 티엠
@LunaLovegood Nalov 르나 립굳
@Fundardo Ardo 판달도
@GweTV Wet 귀티비
@ArcadeGrounds Degro 앜카이두 구라오늗스
@Heracc 헤랔
Thanks for reading!