Hello! I’m SmileyAlyssa😊!

About Me:
I’m 15 years old, living in the West Coast. I play volleyball and run track. In 2017 I got to visit the Hopscotch Headquarters! I’ve been on Hopscotch and the forum since since 2015 and now I am a curator for Hopscotch! You can find more information on that here: @hopscotch-curators

All of my coding and projects are free to use, you don’t have to ask!

Please @ me if you see any amazing Hopscotchers or projects, I would love to see some great coding! :+1: Thanks for reading my bio! If you need anything or have any questions, ask me please here:
Happy Hopscotchin’! :smiley:

My profile picture was drawn by James Strong, my profile background was drawn by OrangeScent, and my user card background was drawn by AvocadoDont! :yellow_heart: