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FearlessPhoenix Remodeling Co. © coming August 2020 || I make a variety of things—music, pixel art, and games the most

working on:
Trip Up Sticks
build defenses and buy troops to defend or attack the computer. coming out on January 1, 2021
Get Rich!
start a business and become a multi billionaire! coming out on January 1, 2021
High Hopes — Panic! at The Disco
with lyrics, this song is hopefully going to come out September 21, 2020.
Jumping Around the World
an epic platformer that will have over 25 levels, this is a challenge you have to play! coming out between December 1, 2020 and February 31, 2021

Krabby Patty Kraze
cook Krabby Patties for hungry customers and upgrade your restaurant! will start once Trip Up Sticks is done.M
Moonlight Sonata
the FULL moonlight sonata in hopscotch. will start once High Hopes and a song request is done.
Make it go boom
find ways to explode things—whether it’s putting a grape in a microwave or using dynamite, this will be fun to destroy. will start when Get Rich! is done

I have 4 old featured and 6 curated that I know of

tag me if you need code help
I make music, pixel art, and games with cool transitions