Scratch account: scratchRobat
Main Hopscotch account: Mathgirl
Second Hopscotch account: FunLovingHopscotchGirl

(My brother and I also make levels in Geometry Dash, but I’m not allowed to say our username on there - all I’ll say is that it isn’t the same as either of our Hopscotch usernames.)

Hi, I’m Mathgirl. Don’t judge whether or not I’ve been on lately by if I’ve posted on Hopscotch recently, I’m just slow at coding. :P

My username says it all; I’m a girl who loves math, no more description needed.

…okay, I’m kidding – math isn’t the only thing I like. I have a bunch of other hobbies, including (in no particular order) coding (why else would I use Hopscotch?), writing, drawing, track and field, animation, and some other stuff I don’t feel like listing.

Coding languages I know:

(Lately, I’ve only been using ProcessingJS (and sometimes HTML for messing around with the Inspect Element feature in web browsers - I haven’t been using HTML for any serious projects, though.))

What I Like to Make On Hopscotch:
I like to make a variety of projects on Hopscotch, but I usually make trail art. I also like to make games, though I often procrastinate when trying to make big ones. I also sometimes make pixel art, but I haven’t been doing that as often lately.

On my second account, FunLovingHopscotchGirl, I mainly post experiments with code and projects that are still in progress, but it’s also where I put replies to messages (and an occasional drawing).

Current Projects, ordered by how I prioritize working on them:

For information on some of my older projects, see my (archived) general topic; it’s where I used to post project updates before the changes to the forum on April 9, 2019.

Friends/Relatives On Hopscotch:
My brother and friend are both on Hopscotch, but my friend can’t use Hopscotch anymore.
My friend’s username is FuzzyKitty, and my brother’s username is Lookout Pig! (with the exclamation mark)

Well, that’s pretty much it.


The links beside the users are to projects they’ve made that I’d recommend.

Happy Hopscotching!