All lives matter - both the born and unborn.

Make America maskless.

We must use spiritual means to combat a spiritual evil.

Greetings, I am TAN Studiøs* also known as Sir Fenith, or simply Fenith. I’ve made more than fifty pixel arts, and a dozen or so of them had been curated (put in the Excellent tab).

I’m just a sixteen year old guy who hates celery. Tag me @Fenith.

For proof that I am who I say I am, look here, here, and here.

Fenith is a very unique name. You will rarely (if ever) find it.

Curated Projects
  1. Time for School Part 3 of 10, September 2015 on Ian T.

  2. 70 Emojitectures!, January 2016 on Motion Pictures

  3. Circles and Ellipses Drawer, May 2019 on TAN Studiøs*

  4. Ingus pixel art, June 2020

  5. Multi-colored Popsicle pixel art, June 2020

  6. Orange fish pixel art, June 2020

  7. Pine Tree pixel art, June 2020

  8. Soccer pixel art, June 2020

  9. Fox pixel art 2, July 2020

  10. Snivy pixel art, July 2020

  11. Dragongirl1264’s pfp pixelated, July 2020

  12. Teddy Bear pixel art, July 2020

  13. Flag pixel art, July 2020

  14. Skier pixel art, July 2020


  1. Weezer Logo pixel art, June 2020

  2. Eevee pixel art, July 2020

  3. Flame Sword pixel art, July 2020

  4. Popsicle pixel art 2, July 2020


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