Everyone is special in their own unique way, regardless of their skill. Hi! I’m CR☆SBYMAN64, and I have been on Hopscotch since March 2016. The link in my profile is ★COURSE v4.7

About Me

I’m an advanced programmer with tons of creativity. I like playing and making games that let me express my creative side, as well as making music in Hopscotch and GarageBand. I’m intermediate when it comes to music. My pronouns are he/him.

My Top 5 Curated Projects

Clock 7.0 - 24 Hour Display -
Custom Gradient Creator v6 -
ProPainter Studio v1.5.0 -
TicTacToe v1.8.7 Hotfix -
Green Cube (See Code for Details) - (Also my most played project, with over 1.4K views)


My creativity and inspiration have no limits!
— Crosbyman64, 2020

I also make...

Games in Hopscotch, Keynote, MS PowerPoint, and Command Prompt Batch
Vex V5 Robots and code them via vexCode V5
Contraptions out of lego bricks/technic or k’nex.

Motivational Messages

Try each and every block and use them to your heart’s content.

Find something that you didn’t know was possible with the blocks and rules given.

Use code efficiency. Remove any unnecessary/repetitive blocks or rules from your code if possible. e.g if you have a rule saying (when 7=7) with a block saying (set size percent (100)), a rule saying (when game starts) with the same block as the other rule is considered repetitive, even though this rule block is only a one time execution.

Found a bug in your code? Identify what the bug is and what is causing it. Then resolve it.

Facts About Me