“You will discover that you have two hands. One is for helping yourself and the other is for helping others.” -Audrey Hepburn

Table of contents

  1. About me
  2. This or that
  3. Current status
  4. WIP projects
  5. My favorite topics of mine
  6. My favorite projects
  7. My curated
  8. WillowPoints

About me

Hi! I’m a 12 year old girl in the USA. I have one dog, and I live with my parents and my cousin. I have no siblings. I’m homeschooled. I like to say random facts and random times, and they normally don’t fit in with the discussion topic. I love coding and I’m learning JavaScript and HTML. My real name is Colbie.

This or That

Summer or winter: summer
Spring or autumn: neither. Fall :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Fast food or home cooked: home cooked
slime or water: slime
Chick-fil-A or McDonald’s: Chick-fil-A
Dog or cat: dog

Current status

Happily failing French. twice in a row. yay me!

WIP Projects

Shoutout Saga! -Cancled-
Lost Stars

Favorite topics of mine

Spider and Astros coding Academy

Favorite projects by anyone

FearlessPheonix’s NASA pixel art
Algor1thm’s orange trail art
NinjaBearGame’s Inky Pad Deluxe
And more to come!!!

My Curated

So far, my only curated projects are my Orange for TDO on the Art channel.


You can earn WillowPoints in many of my topics, then turn them in to earn requests and more!
Jacg 20 points
Will 5 points
Spider 20 points
Gwe 20 points
LR 10
Cherry_red 10

simply ask me if you want to know how to earn/spend my points


Here I’ll write some famous quotes I love
“Knowledge not shared remains unknown” -Luigi L. Lemoncello
“Knowledge is power“ -unknown

In case you didn’t know I’m obsessed with foxes

Thanks for reading! Credit to Ref and TDO for ideas

and now for randomness
a cow produces more milk while listening to classical music
I like pop tarts