Oh, so this is supposed to be a bio? Well, I totally knew that. Yep, for sure.
Well, if ur here, I'm sure u know so far that I am W-Healer. I like to draw. But I don't like coloring. I love Korean drama. But thats sort of an old lady thing so that's why my favorite kdrama isn't my pfp. Because this place is for non old ladies. And no, just because I like old like lady stuff doesn't mean I'm an old lady. Well, call me racist, but I'm obsessed with korean stuff. I wish I could be Korean (hint: which means I'm not). So that explains my pfp, I like kpop too. So BTS is yay. My bias for BTS us JHope, hmmm must be why he's in my pfp. Well I'm totally not a complete BTS fan...because well I LOVE THE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKS THAT GO WITH KOREAN DRAMAS. U know...it's admirable that you've read this far so far. Well, time to acknowledge kpop groups. BTS isn't the only group I listen to. It's just the most popular group I listen to. So, this about ends my bio. I'm boring, I know.

Explanation for pfp: JHope is my favorite, sorry. I like everyone in BTS, but my one favorite is JHope.

Explanation for username: W-Healer. Where did I come up with this name? I know, but I know u don't know. It has everything to do with my love for Kdrama. To assure u don't think I'm an old lady, Ill just keep my reasons to myself until it is revealed naturally.

Explanation for location: It has something to do with my username and KDrama so never mind.

How I draw and related stuff: I draw okay. Omg I am a bad at drawing eyes, hands, and hair. I draw sorta anime-ish. And I mostly like to do art trades.

I don't know what else to fill this space.