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“No one is bad at coding. The closest you can get is inexperienced.”
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Hi, I’m Redstone. Expect cool projects from me over on Hopscotch! (^_^) I’m Redstone1080 on the app, by the way.


Random stuff

Why do we exist? And why are we conscious? Also, why do we ask these questions? Many people have thought of them, yet nobody has an answer. Did aliens drop us here? I know the purpose of life, by the way. It’s to make a purpose for yourself. Mmm, raspberry pie is good. Wait, no I meant the Raspberry Pi, not a raspberry pie! Ohhh why… It’s ok, i don’t like raspberries anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Bruh this myoosic is guuuud…cuz I made it, ha! Okay, let’s get metaphysical again. You should read the Wikipedia page on it, by the way. Do you think, one day, that machine learning will become so intelligent that it can make hyperintelligent robots the size of a fly? Especially if quantum computers become smaller… Wouldn’t that be scary, to have evil hyperintelligent AI on every computer you own?