Hi, I’m KaardoSlush! I am a Hopscotcher, Gamer, and a Slushii fan!

(Credit to @Unamed-Account for idea of the About Me coming up)

-About Me-
(Sorry for any weird patterns of these, I don’t wanna give out super personal info)

~ I’m not giving my name, but some nicknames I can be called:
Kaardo & Slush.

~ I am a She/Her

~ I (OBVIOUSLY) like to play games and again, OBVIOUSLY LOVE Slushii’s music.

~ I don’t really play any instruments but I make EDM music every once in a while on GarageBand which I don’t release publicly yet.

~ I joined the forum in November 2020

~ My talents are drawing and making music on GarageBand.

~ My favorite music artists are Slushii and Tokyo Machine. They do Electronic music so sorry if ur unfamiliar with these people lol.

~ And finally, my favorite shows are probably Invader Zim, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokémon.

Whew, that was a lot to type haha :sweat_smile:. Again, credit to @Unamed-Account for the about me idea. Thank y’all for reading!