Hi, I'm Jojo! I like the forum... Obviously! Click on my face to read more about me! Click it!!!!! Click it now!!!

About Me

I'm JojoDude! I'm a crazy fun-loving kid who does his best to help others, whether that's by making fun games, art tools or answering questions on the forum. I hope that I can be of assistance and also be a great friend!


Oh no... I really don't like this section... if I forget one person I'm doomed!

Ok... let me give it a go:

Main Frens who talk to me most:

@FoodDelivery (he is gone sadly)
And my Senpais @KVJ (called me Senpai on the 27th of December 2016 at 1:22am), @CreationsOfaNoob, @DMF, @Sweetlina, @MagmaPOP, & @Gilbert189

I also have Senhais, @LemonPop9, @StarryDream, @SilverDolphin, that's you!

Name Origin

So, what happened was, my name was bitten by a radioactive spider and then it's parents were shot in an alleyway by a guy named Joe Chill, my name was afraid of bats so it built an Iron Suit and a shield with an American symbol on it and it learned to fly, shoot lasers from its eyes and it got super strength... it then became a girl who was "Wonder"ful and she was pretty tough and then I wrote a fan fiction in my bio about Superheroes Combined...

Actual Origin

So my brother made his game name his nickname and a word, his word was KID, I was like "Dude" that's cool! What should my name be... my nickname is Jojo and... "Dude" this is hard... I'm totally not putting my idea in quotation marks to make it blatantly obvious what happens next or anything... I'm now the @JojoDude you all know and love!

Tag me (@JojoDude) if you need ANYTHING AT ALL! I'll be right there to help!