A bit about me…

My story through Hopscotch:

I heard of Hopscotch in school when one of my teachers said that we could do it if we finished all of our work. So I downloaded it and loved it immediately. Then after a year it got really boring so I stopped going on it. Then my friend Unamed-Account kept begging me to go on and start making games. So I did and I forgot how much I loved coding. And then they started begging me to come on the HS forum so here I am.

PS: My user on the forum is 0Author-Detective0 because Author-Detective was already taken. Please feel free to call me Author-Detective.

PLEASE NOTE: In person school has started for me so I will be very inactive. I will try to log onto the forum twice a day but if I can’t get on twice then I’m sorry.

Updated November 19 2020 8:28 AM Pacific Daylight Time