Zoom off in browser


I was wondering if someone could help. Sorry if this is a silly question but my lame little game is zoomed in when seen on the browser and I can't figure out why. Here is a link. https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y7lytqw5s


Is it fullscreen?


Idk what the problem is, but that game is funny. i would give it a million likes if I knew how to hack XD (not rly cause that might be illegal lol)


I'm sorry I don't quite understand. I made it on my iPhone 6s Plus and it plays fine in the app there but in a browser it's zoomed in about 10% or so and doesn't work


Can I have a screenshot?


Ah yes that would help huh. Herd is the app the way it should be and the browser where the zoom is off. I tested multiple browsers, computers and devices.

Thanks for the help.



What do you think is wrong?


If you look at the blue "Feed Snaxwell
' button you can see that its right on the edge of the frame and in fact the entire thing is zoomed in about 10%. Because of this it wont register the mouse in a browser. You can see it doesn't work here if you use a browser and not an app https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y7lytqw5s


Should I give you a screenshot of mine?


Yes are you not seeing what I'm seeing? Does the game actually work for you in a browser?


How is it supposed to work?
Here's a screenshot of mine:


Hit play and see if it will let you push the "feed snaxwell button" or if the button bumps up to the side of the frame which causes it not to work.


What do you mean?


Does the game work for you in a web browser?


The browser function is still in beta, I hope it will be fixed.
I invited @Liza and @Rodrigo, I think they can help!


Is it the same on mobile browsers as the browser on the computer?


Thank you for your help. Yes it does the same on browsers on MAC PC and IOS.


Interesting. As someone else said, we're still working on the Web Player, it's in Beta. Nevertheless, sorry for that. We'll take a look at it.

: )


Yes like Rodrigo said, thank you so much for reporting this, we will have a look.


My screenshot is from a computer.