Zoom Maths Help


You are welcome! Whenever you need it! And bye! See ya around m8

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I’m not sure about this, but I think the “not supporting 2 touches” is a bug. We’re working on some basic issues with the web-player more stable, but I don’t have a roadmap for when that’s going to be implemented.


Do you have a roadmap for making the z layers?


Not really. But maybe this year. But it’s not sure. But this year could be the year. But also it can be postponed to next year. But maybe we’re not that far from it? But things can change you know… We’ve definitely talked about it, but I can’t confirm or deny anything…


Ok! Thank you!

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Could you guys help me out to? to make this? sounds cool… I have an idea but not how to code it.

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I can help u!


oh you on… anyways yeah sure…

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Ok what don’t ya understand?

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What? Ok, LGBOT… yeah I would like help

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Everything related to MATH :open_mouth:!!!

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Have you figured this out yet? I have a few minutes right now.


Ok… so it’s easy, I’m going to reply to a previous post I made and then you’ll read it, and I’ll explain ok?

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Yes it’s kinda solved


Here @Awesome_Coder_25


Could you put the code into hopscotch and then show me?

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When you have time


Here’s a project I made @Awesome_Coder_25

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Ok I will use this… I have to go :neutral_face:

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Bye! See ya later