Zoo simulator collab!


I'm going to do a collab with a few people. We're making a zoo simulator game! So it's like a pet simulator but with different animals! I'll give credit to everyone that helped.

Sign up sheet

What's your hopscotch username?
Have you done any collabs before?
What's your best project (please give link)?
How long have you been hopscotching?

People in collab:
@Hermione (fruity milkshake)


Happy Canada Day https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xciqik000
Or Warp Speed with controllable UFO
13 months


You're in! Thanks for joining! Do you know what to make :confused::flushed:


Just an idea..
A village and your in charge.
You have to make sure your villagers are happy.


That sounds cool..........
I was thinking about an animal simulator or something


How about an animal simulator but you have to take care of an entire zoo? :smile:


Yeah that's awesome! So you can change animals and stuff!


FrutiyMilkshake:heart: ( quite new)
Can you wait a bit !
12 1/2


Could I help? I know how to make night and day cycles.


Ok sure that would be great!


Yay! I'm so excited! Thanks


My name on Hopscotch is Orange Juice:tangerine:


https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xta9dlpn7 This is my second best but my best is on my old Account which is hacked!


Can me and @RobotPro be co-leaders if there's such a thing!


There's no leaders sorry but do you want a certain job?


Yea please I can be anything!


Ok I'll think of jobs


Jobs that can be in this Collab
There can be 3 organisers ( people who organises the Collab) kind of like co- leaders!
Time keepers


Could I join, I don't care what you put me as!?!?!
Username: Make Your Day
Collabs Before: Yes, a lot of them!!
Idk what my best project is!!
My first ever hopscotch account was in October 2014


What's your hopscotch username?
Crazy Crawfish/Crazy Crawfish Draws
Have you done any collabs before?
Yes (in one right now but almost finished with my part)
What's your best project (please give link)?
I have soo many favorites! Probably Alien V1.1 or Talking baymax or Stitch drawing lesson (sorry no links I'm on a computer :wink:)
How long have you been hopscotching?
Since August

I don't want to be like the #1 contributor but I can help out a little! :wink: