Zoo game collab! Twenty char rule


So a minute ago I was scrolling through my drafts and found an old zoo game I never finished. I wanted to continue it, but it wasn’t very good, and didn’t really make sense… “oh no they built the whale tank on top of her!” what even…?

So I decided to make a new zoo game. Then I realized there’s no better way to do it than with you guys!

Now, usually when I make a collab, I don’t get enough people because everyone’s taking their sweeeeet time, and I forget about it entirely. So, for the purposes of this not dying, joining closes in ONE HOUR. (I may make a few exceptions)


I might not have the time to always be helping but I’d be happy to help. Jut tell me the concept of the " zoo game" and I’ll try to think of somethings.:wink:


@SkyFrost did you post but not post?


@MR.REX I WOULD LOVE TO! The main post was 1 hr ago so I think I can


I would like to join. Sounds like a good idea.


Can you explain the idea a little better later? I also have some good ideas for it.
This could be really cool.


Oh wow I got so caught up with Minecraft and modding undertale I’m 4 hours late. EVERYONE’S IN ANYWAY! Now that we have people, I’ll go ahead and make the account. I’ll give instructions there :D


The group is done everyone!
Pass: tell me when and I’ll have t1 PM.


Ok I can take it now


I would like to get it.