Zombie Invasion Posted!



I have finally posted Zombie Invasion! I have gotten lots of help from @ThinBuffalo and @t1_hopscotch so thanks to you guys! It gets a little laggy when you get farther into the game and slows down the game but I'm going to make a 2.0 and make it better. Also for Zombie Invasion 2.0 I need your help! Please please give me feedback and help me improve it that would be much appreciated. Anyways here's the link check it out!


Hey @William04GamerA are you on now? Could you check out my project?


Fast loadtime, amazing graphics, works on computer. It is an amazing game.


It looks cool, in the 2.0 verisimilitude I would like you to add so the zombies spawns more often.


The gun should move a little more smoothly
The bullet should not also move when you move the gun