ZlazroYT’s General Topic!


-Hi, This Is My New General Topic For My New Account! (Old Account Was @HRR1213)-


This is my General topic so yea, Art, Code, Requests, Q&A, And lots of other things! You can call me Zlaz Or Ray!

•Be kind
•Be helpful
•Stay on topic
•Have fun!
•No Changing Title
•You Can Add Tags But NO Deleting Them!
•You Can Ask Me Anything! (Nothing Personal)

Old HRR Friend Tag List

@Paige1212 @DMF @Petrichor @ValueGamesStudio @MudFlowerCat @DragonQueen3 @Yellowdragon @MissFluffyHuskyz @StarflightWOF @DiamondDragon @MegaRayquaza @MiNi @Artistic_cat @FearlessPhoenix @xxNeOnDraGoNxx @lollypopcorn @ihasfluffycupcakes @Grizzlyzoe

If You Were Tagged It’s You’re Fault For Being My Friend On That Account, lol


I got first!




hey there


Hey! :D


can i just uhh post pictures in a details folder


Hi To You Too :)






Hi there @ZlazroYT! :wave:


I’ve missed u so much
Why did u leave anyway?


R u still on ROBLOX???


I left since my best friend came back after unexpectedly leaving, and decided to quit the forum to make more time to talk to her. And No.


@TheDrawer & @FCD , I’m sorry I remembered about this and that you will now be tagged everytime I post art, I’m so sorry that you’ll be tagged to see trash in your activity.


@Panthera hi I haven’t talked to you in forever lol.


XD yeah it’s been a while


Lol, I would honestly come back, but ehhh, I just have lost all intrest and motive to play it, and all of my really really close friends left, YD, MD, DQ, Tsuey Tsuey Tsu, ND, DD. And me and you never talked so, oh yea and I checked and my following tab, out of everyone who I followed, in the past 8 months only about 1 person has posted anything lol.



I wish DQ would come back…


Yea, she’s the main reason I’m gone. When me and her met I told myself when she leaves I leave, so ehh, but anyways how are you and your account doing? Lol.


I’m fine, and my account is…wonky as always.