ZERTZ board game/pieces to play in Hopscotch

Name of Project: ZERTZ board game
Link to the Project:

All the pieces are available to play the board game ZERTZ

Just search “ZERTZ board game tutorial” on YouTube or Google to learn how to play.

To buy the ZERTZ board game new in the U.S. is approx $35

The only rule difference is to tap the scissors :scissors: then tap any black ring not surrounded by 5 or 6 black rings to remove the ring instead of dragging a ring of the board that’s done in the board game.
You can tap the hammer/pick :hammer_and_wrench: then tap a greys ring to restore it back to the game if you want to redo that move and choose a different ring to remove instead.

You win if you capture 4 Red, or 5 Yellow, or 6 Blue balls, or 3 balls of each Color, or you clear the board so your opponent can’t have a turn.

EDIT: I think 3 of the rings on the board have to be tapped 2 or 3 times to dim.
So just tap scisssors,ring,scissors,ring for example.


This is actually because a few clones overlapped each other, making it seem like it never “dimmed.” You just need to ensure you don’t clone a donut on top of an existing donut.

For donut 2, just remove the last clone object block. It’s not actually needed.

For donut, change the repeat 3 in the 6th repeat block to repeat 2 and add a move forward 75 underneath it, and change the repeat 5 in the 2nd to last repeat block to repeat 4, switch the order of the blocks inside, and add another move forward 75 underneath.

This should take care of the overlaps.

You could also add a set speed 9999 at the start to speed up the process.


Thanks for the ideas and set speed.
I”m also thinking to send a donut/s to back when tapped.
This would just require a second tap to tap the 2nd clone stacked.


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