Zebra evolution collab



Im making a game called zebra evaluation heres some photos of the real game :

I need help with alot main job: @SmilingSnowflakes can you maybe help with models? If not its okay.So you know anyone can be anything!




Seems like it there is another game called cow evaluation and yes you can help


Nooo im making this :joy::sweat_smile:


Thank u so much, what could I help with?


Wait really, XD @PopTart0219
Maybe u guys should work together!


You are XD I just got obsessed and wanted to make it


Haha. I only play zebra evolution. :frowning:


Same cow evaluation is too famous in my class then when swinging i thought to do it on hopscotch


Canci plz help plz plz Liz!!!! **plz


Of course!thank you for joining


@MYD and @Deadfr collab account or trade drafts


What ever, I don't really care!


I like collab accounts more!!!


`Okay once I get home what should be the name?


Hat? No, maybe collab account!


Name is collab account? That might be hard to find @MYD thats your idea


My what, I'm confused?!?!


Your turn for the account name


Do I pick the name???


We will make a poll between @Deadfr s and yours