Zachy! where are you!?!?


So if your wondering why I've been a little inactive on topics in the past few days is because hopscotch is a lot of work!! I'm working very hard on my summer project and I needed a break from the forum!! Also I've been hanging out with my kitten that my mom rescued off the side of the street yesterday!

She's a girl, one month old, and her name is Luna! I'll be back on the forum today!! @KVJ @FutureAwesome @Candycane @AHappyCoder @RobotPro

Omg! the new iphone editor is epic!

Luna is the most adorable kitten I have ever seen! Do you mind if I draw her?


Sure, you can draw her! Oh yeah, I'm also gonna make a bunch of gifs of her!


Welcome back! Good luck with your summer project!


Thanks! I'm working hard on the physics! As long as I'm get 3rd place, It will get me regular, bringing me to my next step to becoming a leader!! :+1:


Nice! I have submitted one project but I will maybe make something big for the challenge! It will be very fun if you can join the REGULAR PARTY!


Welcome back! Enjoy the summer project!


She decides to play hide and seek with me.


Instant thought when I saw Luna:





And kawaii!