Z Index Bug (Original behind clone even though original has higher Z)

Stuff that only matters when they are super outdated:

  • Device: iPhone 6 & iPad Air 2 things
  • iOS 12.0.3 // 11.3.1

Steps to reproduce problem

  1. Set Z Index
  2. Create a clone of any object

The clone’s Z index is still zero (I used set text to see if it adopted the original object’s, but it did not), but it appears in front of the original object which has a Z index of 13 or something like that. The original penguin should remain in front.


  1. Running Set Z Index to (self Z index – or the same number) does nothing to refresh it.
  2. It only refreshes when you set the Z-index to a different integer.

It’s really not ideal trying to work on a giant project and having small things like refreshing Z index take up frame rate.

One sentence description: Either all objects should refresh Z index when a clone is made (not ideal) or the new clone properly sets itself under the original (ideal).

It’s almost as if you ran a “bring to front” every time a clone was made, and I don’t want that to happen


Totally not new but it’s important


I always assumed that the clones Z index was the same as the original objects, and that the clone was just moved to the front because it was created the most recently.


Makes sense why this happens. When you create a clone of an object, the clone sets to the original object’s original position, size, etc, and at the start of the project the Z index is undefined.


Setting z index to 0 does nothing ever, which is also annoying.


Yeah but if i remember correctly setting the Z index below the original didn’t do anything. You have to refresh the original


Bump. Should this remain open?


Since it’s still a problem, I think so.

Is this still a problem?