YuxinaYammy's Game Show!


Hello! I know there's already many other game shows, but I really felt like making one. So here's mine! As other game shows, I'll ask questions and you'll answer. I'll start the first question.
Question: What was my first name when I went onto Hopscotch?



@Bananadog: 1 point

Rewards: (Will be done on Hopscotch) (Inspired by @TheRealBlah)
1 point = 1 like
2 points = 2 likes
3 points = 3 likes
4 points = Free request (done in at least 1 day)
5 points = Remix
10 points = Follow
12 points = Shoutout


PolarPandaIce? :D

I remember when you requested to me, it made me SO happy ;u; :D


I remember PolarPandaIce!

She requested to you?? SO COOL

@YuxinaYammy I remember participating in one of your contests and I drew a bad penguin XD


@Maltese @Bananadog Aw thanks you two! >u< But it's not Polar Panda Ice :P!



I don't remember so XD


@Maltese Um.. I can give you clue!
Clue: One topic which is about old username's I revealed my first username


Is it "GoldieXiaoPanda"? :D


Yes! +1 to @Bananadog!
(Sorry for the late reply, I was at school!)
Ok, second question!
Who is my profile picture?
(Anyone here? Helloooooo)


Someone from gravity falls or Steven universe? Idk lol


Yes, from Steven Universe! But who is it?