Yusamac and TheAmazingJello do things related to the Mentors Coding Challenge 2. (I was told I had to make this topic to participate in a collab)


I was told to make this topic to talk with my coder about our project we are making for the mentor coding challenge. I would have much rather used my GT so that I wouldn’t clutter up the forum, but I think @the_dancer wants to makes sure @William04GamerA and himself keep close tabs on our progress. So, here I am, creating this topic to talk with my coder.

So, um, @TheAmazingJello Have we agreed on the fixing the coding bugs project idea?


Yes yes we have…


Alright, cool. Now, how are we going to start the project? Remember, first impressions are everything.


Okay sorry I was gone


That’s fine. I was eating lunch anyways…


When do you want to start?


How about now? We could start now.


Let’s do nindriod’s hack for transfering the Hopscotch Json file




Do you have a way?


I just draft switch…


So then you plublish and save to profile?


Yeah. Exactly.


thanks for making this!!
yes, i did want to keep close tabs on your progress which is why i wanted you to create a new topic!!


Your welcome.

Also, a quick tip:
Using exclamation points makes it sound like you are screaming. Like, when you say, “thanks for making this!!”, it comes out as “THANKS FOR MAKING THIS!!!” which makes it sound very unprofessional and awkward to the reader. If you want to express excitement, I would suggest using the emoji or emoticon. Don’t worry, everyone has had trouble with learning how to use the exclamation point correctly. If you look at my old account, (@Work_kids_coding) you will find a lot of posts where I use an insane amount of exclamation points.


@TheAmazingJello We need to start the project NOW.

So, where would you like to start coding:

The start screen
The bug design


Makes sense, and I appreciate it, but I partially disagree.

Rather than exclamation points, I actually think using ALL CAPS is a lot more scream-like. I think that exclamations are more to show excitement, like emoticons/emojis.


@Yusamac205 and @TheAmazingJello

Hope you are starting your project!! The theme in Sun/Heat!
I suggest you start ASAP!!


@Yusamac205 me need to start our project!


You are the coder!! So you can start the project, and whenever your mentor can join, they’ll join!! Just get started!