Yup, We're Leaving



Hey guys! I wish I was making this topic for good news, but I’m not. My twin and I decided that we were leaving the forum. Today’s our last day and this is our last post. Before you ask, we’re not leaving because of trolls or others leaving. Nope, actually we’ve been thinking of leaving for a while, and we were just waiting for the right time. I’m sorry, but this forum really lost its purpose for me. I go on here for no reason at all, and when doing homework. It’s affecting my life in a bad way, and we really can’t go on like this. We’re sorry, but the forum isn’t the right place for us.
We’ll come on occasionally to clear notifications, but that’s it.
“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”
-Barack Obama




Goodbye, , , I and many others will miss you ;;

I’d type something longer up but it’s late and I just got back from a rly long concert I’m half asleep sdfsdsffs this is one time I’m actually thankful for autocorrect
, , ill hopefully type something more meaningful tomorrow

But for now, adieu, and I hope that this decision positively influences ur life and that you’ll be happier and a better person as a result


We’ll miss u I guess


Wait what?!
No please don’t leave us!


It feels like you just joined

Okay I guess then, have a good time?


I’ll miss you
it was great fangirling with you
good luck irl


Bye. :(

You guys have been such a great part of the community


No! I will miss you a lot!
Take care!
You’ve been an amazing topic creator, artist, and friend to me!


I am going to really miss you :sob::sob::sob:
Good luck irl :_)
Great decision too tho
And I hope you do come back occasionally


you guys were so nice and amazing!
Have fun irl
and I’ll miss ya’ll!




We’ll miss you, have a good life bye!

so many people are leaving…


Aw bye :frowning:


wait, what?

i just joined, and so many peeps I look up to left, the app and the forum.

well, i hope you find something that you will enjoy as much as hopscotch!


Goodbye…I’ll miss you sm ;-;


that sucks but i respect your decision


Bye it’s been a fun time


Goodbye I will miss you good luck irl!


Goodbye @yaygirls

I will miss you guys and you have been nothing but nice to me ever since I joined! I and many others will always be here if you decide to return!