Yummy Muffin came back!


Yummy Muffin came to Hopscotch for two hours. Yay!

I hope she comes back soon. Leaders if you dont like this topic you can close it. I was just showing everybody.


I know! I'm on my iPhone right now, so I can't play it... :frowning:

Me Freaking Out


And now she is gone again. :disappointed:


IKR? At first Im like YAYAYAYAYAY SHES BACK!!!!!! Then I see how she left, :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Umm.......who's yummy muffin?

It feels like someone I should know by know :wink:


Yummy Muffin came back?!?! YAY!!


Yummy Muffin used to be a really popular Hopscotcher who made scrollable websites.


Shes a AMAZING Hopscotcher. Her websites are beautiful. You should check her out! Oh, and I dont blame you for not knowing her, she is an old hopscotcher. She is kinda like -Madi-.


OOOOH. Cool. She's back now?


Yummy Muffin followed me!!! Awww those were the days


Only for two hours. And those two hours have gone by. She is officially gone now. Did you read the topic?


Do you think she's coming back?


No, Unfortunately. :confused:


She will probably visit in 46 weeks or so. :stuck_out_tongue: IDK.


That's like, a year, right?


Mmm... I think its 56 weeks per year. Not sure.


There are 52 weeks + 1 day in a 365-day year, and 52 weeks + 2 days in a leap year (like this year! xD).


Well, for almost a year.


Thanks for the info. I have been wondering that for quite a while now. No, seriously. I have.


Really? xD