Yukon: Testing Topic

Yukon, my first post-era game, is out now on Bear Stomp, my new high-effort account! Click on this link to play it, then come back to this topic! :D

For a limited time, you can claim a custom snowboard for free when you buy the full game from launch, as well as getting any future updates to the game!

Feel free to join the tag list, @BearStomp, for project updates related to the account.

About Bear Stomp

I made the account because I felt like my projects on Rawrbear were done at a much lower effort than what I want to put out on Bear Stomp. I’ve been really inspired by the projects of MagmaPOP (a very old OG Hopscotcher, basically the biggest at the time), and I’ve really wanted to follow in his tracks, both as a tribute to his work, and as a form of appreciation towards this community, as well as just to be an inspiration to other people.

Bear Stomp is very experimental. I still want to do more with this other account and build a brand from it! We’ll see how that goes. :)

Yukon: Developer Notes

Yukon took me hours to make. Before this, the most time I’ve spent on a project was six hours on a project called Lightrail, which was also my first featured project. This one, in contrast, felt like it took much more than 15 hours, and I don’t even think that’s accurate.

Lightrail and this project are actually pretty similar in nature. I wanted to take the concept of a runner and really push the limit on what I could do with sprites in this game.

For those who don’t know, this was part of the 2021 Spring Seed Developer Project. I had access to extra help from @Yuanyuan, as well as the option to get help from many other skilled developers - though I never asked for feedback from anyone except for a couple friends. This project really wouldn’t’ve been or felt the same without them, and I’m thankful for this opportunity I’ve been given.

With this in mind, you may ask, “how did you make the sprites?” Well, all of the work ended up being sprited in a program called Affinity Designer, which is Illustrator software! (Designer is a cheaper alternative to Adobe Illustrator.)

There was a lot of complicated math to deal with the trajectory of the projectiles, too! I used a combination of sine/cos, mapping functions and linear equations to path the trajectory of each obstacle in the game. Sine and cosine was used to turn the player and the board, and a mapping function was used to determine the exact location of the board.

This project actually isn’t finished! There are still features to add and bugs left behind. Let me know if you find any, and I can try to patch them!

There’s still more work I want to do with Yukon, so look out for a couple updates in the future! I’ll tag @BearStomp if it happens!

Feel free to talk about anything and everything Yukon related, including bug reports, compliments and any critique, as well as any questions you have about the project!

Please keep posts on this topic insightful and meaningful. Thank you!


I hope you all enjoy the project! Again, feel free to leave any questions, comments or critiques. ^.^


It’s fun

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I follow you now

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This feels more like a news topic rather than a testing topic


It’s both!


wow I feel old now that magmapop has to be explained

very fun, is there a plan for custom-colored outfits as well as snowboards?


I know right? :joy:

Custom colored snowboards are in the shop now! Custom colored outfits was an idea I had for sure, but I figured it would take me a while to sprite everything and get it all implemented. (It took me 1-3 hours just to get the initial Chillanna model to look right, and I made a couple tweaks along the way too with the separate sprite types.) I can put it on the agenda!


So the timer isn’t correct for me.


Mm, what do you mean? I did end up making a couple last minute changes to the timing/sprite movement system. What kind of iDevice do you use? Are you having FPS issues?


An IPhone X and the game’s in game timer is too fast and inaccurate


Hmm… yeah, admittedly I didn’t really properly test that. It actually seems to be too slow on my iPhone 8… super weird. I’ll try to patch that ASAP!



I’m on an iPad Air2, and I’m having the same issue about every other time I play. For instance, it seemed fairly accurate a minute ago; now, it’s about 30 seconds ahead of what it should be


Thanks for the support :grin::grin::grin:

That’s super weird. I think I have an idea on how to fix it though. I’ll do some investigating!

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Okay, a patch has been uploaded! I just forgot to reset the timer to zero. (My bad! Scene reinitialization is new to me. :joy:)

Sorry about that! An update has been sent out. Right now it’s pending approval!

@ExplodingDucks @sophia


Really cool! Only thing is its a bit difficult to tell depth of objects so maybe make them start of see through or something like that


Thanks! Gotcha, that makes sense. I was going to make the objects grow as they get closer to the player, but I ran out of time before I could add that. I’ll definitely have to make the depth perception better soon.


Yeah that would be great too!

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Wait, so what exactly do you mean by see through? Maybe I could make the sprite darker in the background… is that kind of what you mean? If I made the objects translucent, it’s less realistic in my opinion.

Maybe I could elaborate on the point of if your snowboard crashes, you crash, rather than the entire player. :thinking:
A tutorial was on my features list too but I didn’t have time. :sweat_smile:

For clarification, for anyone who’s interested: this was actually sort of a last minute idea, and it was made in about one to two weeks or so!


what does true “full game” buy exactly?