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Hey guess what I finally got regular. I know there are like twenty billion topics out there talking about regulars and stuff but here can be where u post about regularness. Like what can regulars do? Who recently became a regular? How many regulars are there? I like being a regular. I’m close to being a regular. Oh and be my guest to edit the title. (A story about how u got regularship)

@hi_people (I just got regular today😁)

BTW put ur name if u a regular above the line

#this topic isn’t just for regulars


Well ok I can start...
I just got regular I have been waiting for this moment for over a year!


You got trolled as a regular for the first time xD


Yay! How exciting now rawrbear or gamer are going to come for me.


alrightly then, btw good joh on getting regular (again)


Why thank u. And congrats on when u did too!


I worked really hard to become regular, I tried to fix a lot of things I did wrong, this is my second time being regular, and to be honest, I love it.


Yeah I had to work hard too! My 200th day on the forum is the 26th maybe 25th


well I just did stuff

and poof



x cues me butt…
This is a dead topic avoid pleaz


english please



(direct translation)