Yoxmite’s 3D games topic!

It’s my topic.

Welcome to the Hopscotch 3D games topic!

Let’s publish 3D games and things there, teach, share, and learn here about 3D codes!

expect a new 3D Emojicraft game soon!

Here’s the 3D tree code for you to make such games:

Feel free to remix it!

Also, check out a game “1st person forest” by 44HDAQ44 (what is his name, I can’t remember)

Feel free to add tags, edit the topic, but not to block it, please! Hanks!


I think I need help with the code above! With collisions and clones which must be at a random position to make a forest… Please, help me! Thank you very much!


I think this counts as a GT, which is not allowed. As far as I am aware, you should be using the General Project Updates Topic.

Yes I remember 44HD… (the user).

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(It…kinda is a gt. If you wanna remake this as a tutorial on how to make 3D games, then go ahead)