Youtube tutorials!


Ok does anyone remember this topic?:

well im going to be fulfilling that and doing some tutorials... tomorrow.
But stay tuned because they are not that far away!!


Mimi's General :))

Ooh, cool! I can't wait to see the tutorials! :blush:


Can you put me in the credits I'm desperate to be famous





Dude, you cant ask to be in the credits if you havent done anything!


Yipee! :smiley: :grin:


Ok guys. Sorry forgot to do it today =( But there will be one on tuesday. Promise.

What should it be?

  • Advanced Pixel Art
  • Quiz
  • Other (State in a reply)


Votes are public.


So if you're desperate to be famous, why don't you do something to earn it, instead of just asking to be in the credits when you haven't even done anything to help?


1) I didn't put that my brother did
2) I post projects put they only get 1-5 likes from random people


Ok the results are in and todays (tomorrows) will be a quiz!!

Im going to film it right now!!!



Sorry I had to lol