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Hey guys!
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Back at it again with the questions!
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So anyways, I wanted to tell you all something. A kind of suggestion. About....
So, with ahem ahem @Whatshisname and him posting pictures, and a lot of people posting links to YouTube of who knows what, it got me thinkin. Should YouTube be banned from the forum? Some people say yes. Some people say NUURR. But I say... YESH. It's inappropriate, some people ahem ahem me get excluded from posts either because their iPad blocks it, or because their parents don't allow them to go on YouTube. And that's NOT nice. What do u guys think??


it's not inappropriate if it's put on restricted mode


Sorry, can you read my edit? Idk if you did. And I understand that, but some people don't know how to do that, or can't. (Ahem ahem me)


I see, then can they ask someone who doesn't have youtube blocked to summarize the video?


Liza says that sharing Hopscotch YouTube accounts is perfectly okay, but any other outside communication is not tolerated. :)


I wholeheartedly say no, it should not be banned. If you are excluded because you don't have Youtube, that's not our problem. That's like saying any pictures or coding of ice cream or milk should be not allowed because some people are dairy free.

As long as the links are to appropriate videos, it is completely, absolutely fine in my opinion.


No, it was @jacksepticeye


Hmm I can see your concerns, there have been videos related to Hopscotch as well but there are cases like you've said. It must feel sad not being able to see videos :cry:


I personally watch 3 hours of YouTube every day and don't worry your not missing out on that much but if u ever want anyone to tell u what happens in a vid I'm happy to just tag me so I see it ok :D....


Same XD but I only HSF on my iPad, and on there, YouTuBe is banned D:


Well I think it should be banned by not the already posted ones. (Katamari) but then again I think it shouldn't if it has a probable cause.


Me too except I watch like six hours a day of YouTube and I probably shouldn't