YouTube Posting Help



I have seen people posting videos from YouTube, and I was wondering how you do it! Like where to get the video link, and how to put it on the forum. Thanks!


You copy the link from the ad.dress bar and paste it into the text box thingy


Ad.ress is censored sorry


Like this?


Yeah! :D



Make sure the link is on it's own line to work.

EX: This is on it's own line so it will work.

This won't work because there are other words on the same line.

To watch that one you would have to click the link.
I hope this makes sense. :D


That's kind of rude. @Dude73 just wants to know how to post videos. I recommend you change that post.

EDIT: Nvm, it was flagged


Like this?


You did it! :D

Throws confetti


Yay! I had no idea you just had to copy and paste. XD


I had to use this gif. XD