Youtube (Hs related)



Give me anything to put on youtube. (I has to be hopscotch)


Really, I thought more people whould want one of there games on youtube!


Ok, I'll do one of my own games.


Oh yes it does. And havent you heard of Copyright?


This isn't related, despite the title. Sorry for pointing it out.


Yes, I'm puting hopscotch games on youtube.


I'm asking for permission.


If it's HS related i guess it's pretty ok :smiley: :thumbsup: but still it's still OK to get off topic rarely once and a while.


Anyone want there game on youtube? @Liza can I do this?


I can put one of my games on youtube! I have my own channel already and i need more things to upload! I only have 7 or 8 subscribers!


I whould do my cop game but it keeps freezing




Rodrigo opened this.


I know. Still taking ideas.


What is your Youtubes account name?


Here is my link!




I thought of somthing cool!


Sorry for the time it is to make it but I have to add so many pictures