You're not alone!


So, there is a new subscription, and I know it's making people angry, jealous, or sad. You probably also think that everyone is getting it except you.

Well that's wrong!

There are plenty of other people who can't get the subscription either due to parents or just money in general. You're probably thinking "Yeah, coming from someone who is GETTING the subscription." Well, that's wrong also. I can't get the subscription either/I have a really low chance of getting it. That's making me feel angry, jealous, and sad.

You're not alone!

If you can't get the subscription, just know that you're not alone! Lots of people can't get the new subscription, including me and probably a lot of others, which will surprise you.

Also, the free version has all the stuff it had before, so it's not paid/limited. It just will get other features, but they will probably be features that you will like :smiley:


Its so true tho



I feel bad now because my parents said I can defenitly get it ;-;


Its fine im not mad


I have to get this out.

All this time though, my goal has been getting on featured. That's been my ultimate goal.

I feel like only subscribers will be Featured. They can make awesome projects.

I know what y'all are going to say.

"If you work hard enough, you can get on Featured!"

Hehehehe I can't get on Featured when everyone has the same perks, let alone when some have major ones.

I'm sorry. I don't like to complain. But I had to get this out.


I 100% agree! Heck, even 200% agree!
If THT only chooses subscribers for Featured, there isn't really much of a point trying.


I kinda feel the same way... I've been featured, so I shouldn't be one to talk, but I feel that subscribers will get more attention, especially right after the update comes out. I probably won't be getting it... I really want to, but I know it's way too much for it. I don't know. I just feel there will be at least some bias.


Those are really good points, codingcupcake123, MobCraft, and CC

And I agree with you guys. I don't think I'll be able to get the subscription for several reasons, and I believe those who do have it will have 'an advantage' in quite a few ways

You can import photos -and it looks like you can even make them different shapes- and you can do so much with that, but I don't think I'll have the opportunity to try this out, much less have this feature in all my projects.

And aren't projects with pictures a lot cooler? I think so. If I saw a geometry dash project with a triangle as the character, and another geometry dash project with some cool picture as the character, like someone's dog, or a video game character, which would be the cooler project? I'd click on the latter first, for sure.

I really love this new feature, and I think it's sooooo awesome, but maybe lower the price a bit?

I love that the free version will still be there, but $8 is a bit too much for me for a subscription, and I really want it. :00000


Oh my god famous people are in the freezer squad


It's almost $100 a year I am not paying that


$100 a year is ridiculous
Also, subscriptions aren't that great imo because the money adds up but I dunno


Saaaame ;-;

I think that if the price were lower, they'd have way more subscribers, and make more profit.

If it were under $3 or so, I think I'd do it, but $100 a year is a lot. ;n;


My dad says that we need a flat rate, like annually. $50/year. Not 100.


And plus my family is kinda money-tight right now and that's kinda high because of THT money wants


Yeah, a lower price=more customers!
$3-$5 is a good range.
And if it changes to that, I'll try convincing my parents :smiley:


I wonder if you guys will get spam emails from THT to get the subscription...:stuck_out_tongue:


If I do get them I'm Unsubscribing from emails which I've been meaning to do




I didn't think about it until you said it. Maybe you are right about subscribers getting featured. I hope THT will feature projects by non- subscribers as frequently as projects made by subscribers.