You're all amazing people. Proven fact


GUYS GUYSSSSSSS. I'm over the moon! Seeing all the purple, all the support, it was so amazing. Anyone who changed their profile pic, thank you so much! I'm really, really, overjoyed. Words don't even describe how grateful I am. So yeah. Thanks.


Awww, it was our pleasure! My profile pic was purple, but I changed it to birthday style (and I managed to stay silent all day)


You are welcome!


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Your cause wants support, we give you support. How it works! You spread positivity to the forum, and in exchange we give you positivity!


You're welcome!! You brought this important thing to us to support and I'm so glad we made you happy.


You're absolutely welcome!
My profile picture was this:

We all support you here! :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


Mine was purple, but then I changed it back to pink!


My profile picture was like this:


My picture was a purple smiley! I loved yesterday! So much support!


You are welcome! We are supporting a great cause!


My profile picture was this:



Your welcome! Imma gonna keep this title forever!


I edited a picture i had but was too lazy to change it to that picture. It's an oc of mine.


You're welcome, you definitely deserved it! Mine was this:


And sadly some people made them green...


Yeah, that did happen.


Why did they make it green?


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Green is like the opposite of purple, you can see if you invert colors.