Your young hopscotch/forum days!


Let's say you're scrolling through your old posts or hopscotch projects. Suddenly, you see somthing from a million years ago that catches your eye. You look closer and start laughing. how dumb I was back then! you think.

In this topic, you can share old posts of yours that made you laugh, that you regret posting, or has an epic typo. Then, you can post what you wish you should have said. Same for projects.
You can also share stories about how you were in the olden days!

yeah that was worded horribly XD

❌ CRINGE WARNING ❌ The cringey posts/projects topic 😝

Great topic! Let me get some of them XD


Omg me as an old hopscotcher was just sad



remix. Remix. Hey, I think I'm famous!



Oh help me


This is from when I was new, after I made a mistake

Totally hopscotch related!


This is one of my first-ever projects, back in Feb. 2015!

It is SO BAD, you couldn't even win!!! XD


stuff from my first profile... not even the first project... my projects go all the way back to when there was no community...


Back then, I was like, you liked that? XD


When I failed at coding, I decided to remix XD

I remixed every day of my life, and thought "WHY ARENT I POPULAR" so I made a project with hardly any code and told people to remix "ZooZoo the Easter traveler". Of course, nobody remixed it so I made another project saying "hi everyone!! I juts wondering why nobody's remixing ZooZoo! :cry: Pleeeeease remix it, it would make me very happy!! :smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat: thank you everyone, your awesome!!!"
cringe cringe
Ew gosh XD


@GysvANDRegulus can tell you how utterly mortifying my old projects were…


When I look at my old projects I say, "This is when coding was easy."


Hopscotch is good, what are you talking about?


I dislike the way you code now, I liked the old way :)


Ok! Just when you said that, it seemed a bit rude :0


Oh, let me try to fix that :wink:.


That's better :D


Back then:
why is it getting no likes?
Maybe its bad
Me now:
Maybe its bad


"Ive ben"
Worst grammar ever omg

"I noticed." At least put a smiley there, that's rude D:

":slight_smile:" OMG EVIL FAKE SMILE!!
"(I need more characters so I am putting this random message here)"
"Thank s you guys"



I remember when I used to remix all the time and I always thought (why don't I get likes???)
I'll get some screenshots now