Your Worst/Most Embarrassing Hopscotch Fails


Literally just post your facepalm and fails on here.


I'll get the link but it was an unfinished draft!


It ends at pla

Also, is there a topic like this?


I have no idea. But if there is lemme no.


When I was a young Hopscotcher, all I did was remix.

And I remember thinking "I publish so much! I must be soooo popular"

Yeah no.
I'm not even popular now and I don't remix XD

gawd the things I believed XD


The most embarrassing thing I did was drawing a mouth and I forgot to change the title and it was called eye.


Loooooooiillllll!!!! That was funny!!


Released Hopémon go demo, (my very first version) and I named it Hopémon go srmo


Most embarrassing moment on the forum.

'Twas when I first joined. I replied to a kinda inappropriate post, and even though some people had already replied to that post, people started telling me to stop. I realized what I did was wrong, And was areally embarrassed. then someone asked someone else if they wanted to be in their project. I dunno how I got the notification, but it said it was a reply to me. It wasn't. So I replied "me? Ok sure" and when I figured out it wasn't for me? I was super embarrassed.
So I avoided all those people who replied to me there for a while, but I Long forgave them

It took maybe a month, but I forgave them.


That happened to me a few times the week I joined the forum. I thought other users were talking to me but they were talking to someone else. I deleted the replies because I was embarrassed. I was like :frowning: when I noticed my mistake.


When I attempted to troll @KVJ by saying I was out of likes and then I liked his post right after I said it. :laughing:


Same. XD

hai @QueenShaeShae fren that likes watching chaos with me XD


Hai fren. I have an nother embarrassing story


I just yelled at a new user for not SBYPing and making a copy topic. Sorry @Hicoding!!


My most embarrassing hopscotch moment:

I coded ZooZoo the Easter traveler to get people to remix it (D:) and I published it when it wasn't loaded so it looked like a bunch of useless frowny fluff.




Can we talk on talk to a hopscotcher fren?


What does LMAO mean? XD


Umm... I don't think we should use that acronym on the forum.


How 'bout we go to my general topic?


Laughing my arms off, or laughing my bleep off, but i use the first one