Your thoughts on regular and FRENCH WAVE123!



Idk why I made a topic bout this but tysm for regular!!!
And also this is my 60th day on the forum tysm for a great 60 days!

But now I want to here your opinion! Like if you like regular or not, feel free to be specific!!!


I lost regular after a year


Oh I’m sorry bout that, could you get it back?


Topics like these clog up the forum and trigger a few people. I suggest changing this to a topic discussing what regular is and give the announcement.


Oh I’m sorry, and thanks for letting me know!


No, I don’t think I can.
After all, it’s my own damn fault, isn’t it? I got too many flags.


Congrats on reg I got m8ne at the same time!


Your welcome. Sorry, people think I’m quite annoying for popping up to say stuff like this. I am glad somebody understands :slightly_smiling_face:.


I got regular. Lost it after a year when someone thought my valuable topics were spam


Ah yes
I know who that was


Oh man
The whole darn forum hates me because I told the truth
We should chat


Your a role model for me

I don’t hate you lol


Ah, everyone else literally does
They all do because I told them that they are all socialising and arguing instead of coding.



But it’s true!?

They should already know that lol


They don’t want to hear it


But the6 should still except


Who is


No one hates you, at least I dont! Besides it’s best to tell the truth!


Yeah, Mr.Gam3r.


I don’t hate you.