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A lot of credit to @SoaringFeathers for the name

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This should be my 2nd or 3rd to last project


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I haven't shared my last 15+ projects


What he means is,,,,
You make a lot of these..


What is bad about that?
I am leaving HS most likely forever in 2-3 days


ok then
I'll miss you


Yep, this might be one of my last day out of my last 4 yrs
After what you guys said, I was thinking about putting my other 2-3 projects in this topic


Also, there are many projects similar to this..


Are you ending this?..


No, I have to leave
Have to turn in my iPad


Awe man. That's a bummer
What grade are you in?
Ask your parents for an i-something to code with
Learn Python


A have a super laggy iPad but my dad doesn't let me use it and an iPhone isn't like coding on an iPad


I am learning python
It lit


Are you leaving the forum?


Yes, Python is aweosme!


Most likely
So is Rider
But we might come back someday


I just checked and this is 8th on trending and has 14 likes? Whaaaa?


I hope so!
I'll miss you guys!


8th on trending, lol


6th on trending lol :sweat_smile: