Your parents and how they affect your life


Inspired by bluedogmc
Some of us here don't have nice parents and they don't care about us. Some of us are spoiled. Some of us are average. Some of us were adopted. Your parents had a huge affect on your life, and they also affect your Hopscotch. I care very much about you all and I want to make sure you are getting the care and love you need form your parents. I need you guys to fill out polls and I'll talk to some of you based on answers and I'll ask you how your life it and how you feel about your parents. Again, I care very much about you all and if you ever are feeling sad and need someone to talk to, tag me and I'll help.

What do you eat for dinner?

  • I eat fancy, rich, expensive food
  • I eat average food that you'd expect
  • I eat at my friends' houses because my parents don't feed me
  • I have to cook my own food
  • I go to restaurants almost every dinner


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How much are you out of your house besides school?

  • I go out on weekends sometimes, or vacations
  • I never go out. I have to stay at my own house
  • I can go out whenever I want
  • I'm out almost all the time because my parents cannot afford a babysitter.


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How supportive are you parents?

  • Half supportive and half rough
  • They are SOOOO supportive! 100%! Never had a fight!
  • They're too strict.
  • They are rude and I hate them.
  • They only care if I die or not
  • They are never there for me


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How do you get to school?

  • They drive me.
  • I take the bus because they can't take me.
  • I take the bus because they can't stand me in the car but they won't let me walk because it's too dangerous.
  • I have to walk, even if it's super cold.
  • I am homeschooled.


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How much do you have friends over?

  • ALL the time!
  • Usually weekends or vacations.
  • My parents hate my friends. Never.
  • I don't have any friends.


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How do your parents deal with people that bully you?

  • They contact my teacher and it gets resolved.
  • I never get bullied because everyone likes me.
  • Dude, I AM the bully!
  • They don't care.
  • They tell me to stay out of drama, even if the bully comes to me. They're super unhelpful.


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Do they know about the Forum and what you do on it?

  • Yes. They monitor my account.
  • No they could care less about my internet stuff
  • They know about it but don't know what I do.
  • I use it for school.
  • Only one parent knows.


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Do you parents call you or your siblings names?

  • No, I'm never ever called names except for honey and beautiful and sweetie.
  • Only one parent calls me stupid, ignorant, and ungrateful.
  • Both parents call me names occasionally
  • Only my siblings
  • I have siblings but they hate me especially


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How much do they do for you?

  • Everything. I do almost nothing.
  • They do the usual stuff. I have chores.
  • They do the usual stuff, but I don't have chores.
  • I have to do everything because they are always on their phones or out.


Votes are public.

Thank you for takin your time to vote. I'm going to help some of you that vote yes options that may lead to depression or abusive actions. Please, I care about you all. Don't hide behind the screen, tell me your problems.




Sweetlina, this is a serious topic, and the answers aren't supposed to be classified as cool. I am trying to help people whose parents aren't supportive.


Are you doing okay with your parents?
@Explorer_ no you cannot create a topic like this.


im adopted

now i have new parents because my adoptive parents are not here so now i have new parents


I remember your topic.


My parents are nice


Is Angus Beef considered fancy food?


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I'm guessing, as I've never heard.


The American Angus Association created the "Certified Angus Beef" (CAB) standard in 1978. The purpose of this standard was to promote the idea that Angus beef was of higher quality than beef from other breeds of cattle. Cattle are eligible for "Certified Angus Beef" evaluation if they are at least 51% black and exhibit Angus influence, which include black Simmental cattle and crossbreds. However, they must meet all 10 of the following criteria, which were refined in January 2007 to further enhance product consistency, in order to be labeled "Certified Angus Beef" by USDA Graders


Cool topic. PS, I take the subway to school because it's like an 8 minute ride


I guess then


That's cool! Subways and things like that are classified as a bus on the polls :slight_smile:


Well that's the exact opposite of human racism. I guess cow racism?


@BlockyFocus, I walk/ride my bike/ have my parents drive me


Why did you reply to my post?


That counts as walking.


Seriously? You probably are too big to fit down the drain and even if they did do that how do you have internet?


Typo. Drive me.