Your parents and hopscotch! #2


This is the second topic, the first one is way too old to edit so I can't add polls or anything now.

Here, you can make polls and discuss your parents and how they affect what you do in HS.


Do your parents know about hopscotch?

  • a little
  • they know everything!
  • they don't know
  • they don't care


Do they know about the forum?

  • a little
  • they know everything!
  • they don't know
  • they don't care


Do your parents want to see what you've coded?

  • sometimes
  • all the time
  • Nope
  • Never





My parents know I use it, they just haven't seen it.

My parents really like me coding, so they don't care!


I deleted all of my posts. Yeah so what I said.


I have a bad situation with HS, and the HF...


My parents know about both HS and the forum, and they know pretty much how it works. (Sort of.)

They aren't that interested in my coding unless I show it to them.


Why, what's bad?


My mom, doesn't know about HS, and I am currently "hiding" it from her, and if she finds out, she will freak, don't worry I am coming up with a plan to tell her.


Why would your mom "freak" if she finds out about HS?
It's just a coding app


She doesn't like me on anything where I talk to people online


Sometimes my mom asks me what I've made uh.hhhh..hhhh...hhhhh....


Well, you're not talking to people...
Only here on the forum, though.


Noice topic and poll! () my mom has strong feelings about me talking to ppl idk on the forum, but rather than that she doesn't care much abt HS. Anyone else?


Whew! I've now liked every comment on this topic! nods


My parents know nothing about HS or the forum. I would be grounded for life if they found out because I am communicating with people that I do not know irl.


My dad and mom know about HS a ton xD

One I showed them my projects then they made an account to play my games when I am not around lol

And then for being a beta tester I did a hangout with Liza and my dad was with me as well.

And I went with HSHQ with my dad AND my dad knows about the forum and so does my mom lol


Same!Arrfj!I am so glad someone else understands my pain!


I did not realize that there was another person like that either. My parents are anti me even playing trivia crack with someone I do not know irl.


Exactly girl, that's me!


I understand and go through your pain to. I thought I was the only one. XD