Your Own Favorite Project?


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Since this topic has a lot of people nominating themselves, I think that this could be a topic where you share your own great projects! :wink:


How do we do that?
Some people on the forum don't know to put projects up in the form
Do you?


What do you mean? Like a link to your project?


mabay... but have you seen mega pop's thing about his winter contest project.


Umm..Are you talking about. @MagmaPOP ?


Like a screenshot?


Yah! That guy!! He draws some super cool things.


No... Like putting a game ONTO the forum


Oh! Well you can't do that, but you can share a link to your project so others can see how cool it is!:sunglasses:


Hmm... That's hard.


Help the Nerd, I worked very hard on it.


What Harry Potter Character Are You?
Yeah, my HP quiz will probably be the best thing I've ever made.


My favorite project that I made is My Holiday Card! I worked so hard on it, and it really payed off!!! except it had so much code there was A TON of laggggggggggggggggg