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Hey guys! So, I always want to know everybody's opinions on different things, so I thought it would be fun to make a topic where every week/day or when I feel like it, I'll post asking you guys your opinion on something. You can reply with your opinion, then I'll put the replys in polls and see the most popular opinion!

So... This weeks opinion is on:

I'm Topics!

Do you like it? Do you hate it? Is it annoying? Is it kind? Let me know!

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Spam Liking: I love spam liking!


Isn't this kinda like 'Talk to a Hopscotcher!'?


This is different from that


Not really lol

This one is exclusively for opinions. :)

Talk to a Hopscotcher is for asking questions, help with code, and a few other stuff.


I said kinda ;)


I think spam liking makes some people feel confident and others annoyed.


oh okay.
But you meant "SBYP" or "there's a topic similar to this", right?




I SBIP and none were quite like this :wink:


Miss Listie



Ha ha ! That sounded really like me!:wink:


Ya I got it from you, I thought it was funny :D


Tee hee!:smile:


I don't mind spam liking. I don't love it, I am just kind of neutral about it.


I like spam-liking! If anyone wanna spam-like, spam-like me!:wink:
@StarryDream, Cute Jeffie, what do YOU think about spam-liking?


Cute Jeffie: Luce, shouldn't you be doing your homework?
Me: I'm just having a quick rest…
Cute Jeffie: LUCY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your "quick rest" usually took 30 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think spam-liking could be annoying, because you'd just get 20 notifications, thinking its somthing good, but it's just likes.


I think spam liking is gud!
It can make people happy and confident!

I only spam like people who enjoy being spam liked tho, because some don't like exploding activity :D


To me it's eh, whatever. No opinion.


I love spam liking! It's annoying to go through but still I like when people spam me!


Love spam liking, but only like getting spam liked! XD