Your Opinion On: Leaving [SHARE YOUR OPINION]


Hoi dudes and dudettes! It's @StarryDream here!
There has been a lot of people leaving going on.
So I wanna use it as a topik about WUT IS YOUR OPINION ON PEOPLE QUITTING?
I'm not discriminating any Hopschers who are leaving
Nor am I pointing fingers.
I'm just a verreee curious smol potato who wants to here other peeps' opinion.(・ω・)
So here are da rulez:
Plz be friendly towards other peeps and respect their opinion!
Nuu fights!
Be nice! (^o^)

Here is da poll:

  • People shouldn't leave!!!! Nuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!! (´Д` )
  • I don't like it when people leaving. But it's their choice
  • Meh. IDK
  • I don't care when people leave
  • Wait, people leaving?! Σ(゚д゚lll)


Choose at least 2 options

Votes are public.


I don't laik it when people leave, but it's still their choice


I'd really rather if people wouldn't leave, but of course it's their decision :D

Miss Listie







We all did same answers XD





I would leave if Fluffy left.


If people leave for a good reason, such as more schoolwork or their parents wanting them to do other stuff, that's okay. If people leave because they're mad at someone or think it's boring, then... nah.


But da parents part…if dat ever happened dat probably means dat da parents aren't verree nice…


No, it's just some families think that there is more to life than fun... It's wrong :sweat_smile: But we can't really help it and may be really nice and just be trying to the best things for their child!


I honestly don't care about them leaving. It's their choice, anyways.


Plz, I would be very delighted.




Well she left and i havent left yet


I don’t like it when people leave for no reason, just to get attention. They have no specific purpose of leaving, and they don’t know why they want to leave.