Your Opinion on Chatting



I would like to know what people's ideas are on chatting. Write why or why not people shouldn't chat on Hopscotch.

New Chat is needed!
How do you send messages to other hopscotchers?
What is your opinion on chat rooms?
Compliments Without Off Topicness!

I'm personally fine with chatting about hopscotch, like collaborating and discussing HOPSCOTCH related things. But I STRONGLY DISLIKE IT when people start talking about their personal life or talking about nonsense like the "Mermaids" on hopscotch. Hopscotch shouldn't be used for role playing, or chatting, it should be used for learning to code!


agreed i think chatting is ok but it has to be related to code.


Really, if we should chat on Hopscotch, it has to be related to it. It really fills up Hopscotch and there's no room for all the projects with actual code.


Yeah I agree with all of you @CeeCee @SQUISHY @WaterPheonix, it's okay to talk on Hopscotch when you're collaborating on a project or about code :smiley::calling:


It's ok but just not to much and don't say that you're not allowed to have chatrooms either. Maybe just for collaborated projects and ideas.


Please PLEASE please please make us able to chat in hopscotch my team at Work Kids Coding™ would love that


I think you should chat about Hopscotch only. Teams can chat about the projects they make a chatroom there is such things as Twitter and Facebook!


I mostly use chatting for making projects, or if someone has a question I know the answer to I just tell them how to fix it.


Ok for everyone out there, two things


@SQUISHY and @Kiwicute2015, I agree too, I HATE it when people make chat rooms and especially that mermaid project, I wouldn't want to get involved so I don't say anything, but now that people are actually bringing this up, I also want to prevent hopscotch from being full of CHATROOMS.


@CeeCee EXACTLY!!! I too am tired of all the chatting


But, we already have a place to talk, THE FORUM!!!


I dislike how the app is slowly turning into a place for chatting and role playing, it's not right. There is plenty of apps out there for this stuff, and if your parents won't let you get it, maybe you shouldn't chatting on hopscotch either.


Chat rooms need to be added it makes us able to make new friends make projects Together and brainstorm ideas I also think we could do that with hopscotch PMs so I will give you my opinion chat rooms and or PMs should be added if you do not agree respond to this and tell me why I promise I will be nice


@Destructor_the_waffl well then why did you say it was a good idea on my forum hopscotch ideas for all


@Destructor_the_waffl Just wondering


[quote="Queen152, post:13, topic:747, full:true"]
But, we already have a place to talk, THE FORUM!!!

Ok this is going to far


Ok you do but people in hopscotch may not know there username on the forum or it doesn't let them in people have problems connecting to forum


@Work_kids_coding, chat rooms would be nice, but people may use them for reasons other than coding. I had this one game, and it had a huge chat room that anyone on the game could talk on, but it was soon filled with spam and people used it for role playing! It became really annoying when I was trying to get tips on the game.

The solution? A forum. A forum is for chatting about hopscotch, HOPSCOTCH ONLY. Collaboration can be done here and sharing tips, it's sorta like a off-game way to discuss hopscotch related stuff