Your new community manager:)


May I request if it would be ok if you could un why down my general, thank you so much


…JaggedJeans is getting explicit with some language in this topic. Cursing and swearing. Same with her bio. I don’t get it, she was nice a few years ago.
: (

(sorry, you may have to scroll down a bit)


That’s true. You should tag @Ana so she can see this as an important personal reply, otherwise she might not notice this problem.


Good to be here and to have some more cool people


@Ana, I was wondering if you could start making tag groups for the forum again. Back when @t1_hopscotch was a mod she would make tag lists for us and a lot of people miss the option to make tag lists, since only mods can make them


yes please


Good luck, Ana :blush:

Have fun, too :heart: hehe ^^


Anyone else notice this settle drop in!


**crickets chirping


Lol…I can’t tell if you are saying that nobody noticed this or if I am just not paying attention to anything


Well, first off, notice the likes on t1’s post? At least seven people noticed (the amount of people who came to my 13th birthday party). Also, I felt it was appropriate because this topic hasn’t been touched for a long time since then.


Wow that went dark pretty fast


Lol…I can’t tell if you are talking about my noticing this topic hasn’t been touched for a while or if you are talking about my 13th Birthday.


Oh, yeah, I’d make an art tag list if I could…
Or maybe another idea could be to limit the amount of times someone uses the omtl in a week?


Question: are you currently the only active community manager [mod]?


Hi. Welcome @ana it’s great to have you here. I have question, it’s pretty silly but I just came back from a really long break so I’m still I guess new around here?? How do you make a topic? And is it possible to delete topics?


Hey, welcome back!

If you click the 3 bars next to your PFP and go to latest from there, you can make a topic by clicking the “ask a question” button.
And no, topics can’t be deleted


Thanks. And now that I think about it, I remember you now! Do you remember soaring feathers or WhoNeedsAName? They are my sisters lol. Anyway thanks again!


Haha yeah I remember you and both of them :slight_smile: glad to have ya back dude
No prob! There’s also a Leaders Q and A topicwhere you can ask me or another lead any more questions you have (that’d be a better place for these kinda of qs imo)


great, thanks for letting me know. yeah I kinda don’t like when I first joined bc I was such a brag xd. But thanks for the warm welcome and I’ll definitely check the topic out.