Your new community manager:)


hello! my name is jordan and i just stroll through around here. hope you can help us and maybe just maybe make the forum again. wink

well thats it for me. welcome and cya!


Hello there.

To greet you I have a cute cat gif


Hello @Ana! I’m really happy to see you on here - and I’m sure that you will benefit the community in so many ways like our previous community manager @t1_hopscotch.

There are many of us who can help you out with that! I’ve been on the forum for a really long time, and it’s the same with many other people. If you have any questions or want to know “the current state of the forum”, feel free to ask! :slight_smile:

Once again, welcome! I can’t wait until you start full time!



You wished so
The sarcasm is obvious XD


welcome @ana :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community @Ana!


hi uhh thank you for acknowledging that drawing is not bad
im memorable chicken heyhihello welcome


Welcome to the community, @Ana!! I can’t wait to see what awesome changes you bring!


Hey @Ana! Glad to finally see someone back helping out on the forums. I haven’t been mod in a while, but if you need any help with tools, questions, or people I’d be happy to help :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum, @Ana! :blush:


Hello @ana nice to meet you! And welcome! We hope you enjoy your work here


Welcome! I’m sure you’ll do great as community manager, @Ana !:+1:
So far, things that I think could use some managing are spam topics (e.g. “Save the frogs”, “You’re all gonna die yeah baby”) and misuse of the Official Mass Tag List (OMTL). Just some suggestions! :wink:


Quick question, when exactly do you officially start? The end of August could be any day now.


what does a community manager do (lol I know the title is pretty self explanatory)
but like, how will you manage the community?


august 31st, 11:59:59 pm


Keep things tidy. Like a very active mod


I like how the mods liked this post


Welcome @ana


oml what is happening