Your new community manager:)


Hello! I’m Ana, your new Community Manager. I don’t officially start until the end of August, but I wanted to introduce myself so you won’t be left wondering who this new admin is :slight_smile: I’m still learning about Hopscotch, so I’d welcome your ideas on how to make the forum and the community better.

Joining Hopscotch is a dream for me because I’ve gotten so much enjoyment from games and drawing over the years. I’m looking forward to sharing game creation ideas and helping you level up your art and design. You guys have created something special, and I look forward to the next blockbuster developers coming out of Hopscotch in the future!

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@Ana is the best, we’re so happy she’s here!

Welcome, @Ana!!


Welcome to the forum @Ana :D

I look forward to see you on here, and I’m sure you will make a great job!


Welcome to Hopscotch @Ana!!!


Welcome Ana! Hope you have a good time here
Good luck :heart::+1: :relieved:


Hi @Ana !!!
Welcome :slight_smile:


Hello ana!! Welcome to the hs forum !!!


Thank you so much for joining Ana! I’m super excited for you to start full time. You are awesome!!


Welcome @Ana, and thanks for stepping up to be a manager for this forum!


welcome @Ana :))


Yay!! This community most certainly needs a community manager to clear up some of this drama. Welcome!


Welcome ;))
Also I’m sincerely sorry about spam tagging you in my GT


welcome to the forum @Ana!!


Okay I feel like an awful person for coming back, but of course the new manager comes as soon as I leave. Now, I’m going to go delete the passwords for all of my accounts. Without auto fill, there is no way I could remember my passwords.


Sorry I’m late but belated welcome @Ana. Hope you enjoy your time here!


Welcome, @Ana! We’re all looking forward to your assistance and positive effect on the forum and are extremely grateful that you have decided to dedicate your time to helping us. I believe that your position will be a much needed one and await what the future has to offer.


Welcome! So you’re Any_56. Nice to finally know a little more about you. I hope you enjoy your time on the Hopscotch forum. Many people on here have been asking for an active moderator, so I’m sure that you will be well liked.

The fact that you appreciate both of them will work greatly in your favor. I can already tell that you will do great as our new community manager. Looking forward to seeing you around.

@omtl , come politely greet Ana.


Hello @Ana! Welcome to the forum. If you need any help you can just ask me!


I think your welcoming to this forum is best explained in a Star Wars quote!
Good luck @Ana, you’re gonna need it


Hello,@Ana! Welcome! We’ve been waiting for you.